Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Father Aniello

At the weekend conference that I attended on the weekend of April 9th, Fr. Aniello had invited me to call him so I could have a conversation with him where we could have time for discussion. I called him this afternoon and to my surprise we spoke for two hours. I did most of the talking, giving him my background and filling him in on my walk with God, my spirituality, etc. My reason for wanting to talk to him was mainly to get his input on the gift of healing, because this is the gift I have been discerning for ten months. It is a relatively new gift, and I am open to whatever God has for me, yet I am a little apprehensive and a little bit afraid since I am a mere human. This is of course normal, according to my spiritual director and Fr. Aniello. But, one must always understand that God is the divine healer and man is merely the instrument, or conduit, through which any healing may or may not occur.

Father Aniello told me that I need not say anything when I lay on hands. I can even let God entirely say the prayer. All I need do is lay on the hands. But, I must have the disposition, and the true belief and faith that I ask for this person whatever is the will of the Heavenly Father, not what is my own will for this person. I must never put my will before the will of the Father. I am not the healer, only God is the healer. I already knew and understood this. But, I was glad for his telling me this.

He also told me that when he does healing services and healing prayers and lays hands on someone, only 15% of the time is someone healed physically at that moment. The rest of the time, the healing does not take place just then, as the person expects. This can be for a number of reasons. First of all, it may not be God's time for healing. God may fully intend to heal this person physically, but, just not at that time. Secondly, the person may be holding unforgiveness in his heart and until this is gone, healing cannot occur as he hopes. Thirdly, God has something different in mind for this person that is for greater glory for that person or for someone else. We must trust that God always knows what He is doing and that He knows what is best for everyone. He knows and loves everyone more than any human could ever love someone, so He understands our compassion and desires for that person, but He has the best in mind. The very best! Sometimes He just has to say "no" to our prayer as it is. We have to trust. He is asking us to trust.

I will speak again to Fr. Aniello on the phone and he invited me to visit him in Wisconsin some time in the near future. I will be happy to meet with him and discuss more with him. He has much knowledge to share with me. God is good!!

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  1. Hi Liz. I am from Michigan also and very interested in your gift of healing. Would you mind contacting me at Tracyworrell12@gmail.com. Thanks!!